EPIC 2019 finalists

Thelma Musanhu
Period Pride: Safepads
We are engaging governments, philanthropists, corporate systems and individuals to support girls with our unique reusable pads. Safepad's aim is to provide sustainable solutions to communities in dire need of improved living conditions.
Wilma Rodriguez
Saahas Zero Waste​
Saahas Zero Waste ensures maximum recovery of resources from all streams of waste by diverting it away from landfills and sending it to the right destinations and are in line UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to facilitate economic progress, women empowerment and action against climate change.
Morgan Ginn
Cycle Connect​
Cycle Connects ultimate goal is to equip our clients with the necessary tools to break the cycle of poverty and propel forward. Their current portfolio includes bicycles, motorcycles, oxen & plow, and grinding machines. All of our products are vetted and tested for their ability to increase income for smallholder farmers.
Alex Omijeh
Blue Gold Works​
Blue Gold Works use revenues from our Organic Moringa oil and mono-floral honey business to fund expansion of our BGW Drinking Water Filter business capably run by African women waterpreneurs.
Chandhrasekaran S.S.

Deliforce is a SaaS based last mile delivery tracking and workforce management platform reaching out customers offering them seamless delivery operation management along efficient delivery tracking and workforce management features.
Usman Javaid
Ricult is at the forefront of trying to make sure that these farmers can provide for each one of us, three times, every day of the year, year after year.  Using precision analytics and credit scoring algorithms, Ricult enhances the farmers' ability to improve their yield and make more money.
Zach Hoins
Village Enterprise ​
Village Enterprise provides entrepreneurs with cash transfers as seed capital, training and ongoing mentoring by a local business mentors. They organize to allow access to growth capital, providing a safe place for savings, and build social capital. Areas of involvement are livestock, farming, small retail stores and restaurants, tailoring, and beekeeping.
Anna Matich
Techdren is a nonprofit dedicated to providing children access to technology.  Techdren plans on expansion to Jordan and the Amazon Basin.  Techdren not only empowers the young girls of these schools, but also makes it a point to empower the women of the schools as well.
David Simms
Talanton funds invest in growth-stage enterprises with $500K to $5M in revenue in sectors that provide jobs for those living in poverty. Focusing on developing world countries, especially Sub-Saharan Africa, and places where we have both staff and on-the-ground partners able to monitor the work.
Kirti Prasanna Mishra
Ecociate offers customized solutions pertaining to long term sustenance of enterprises keeping in mind social, economic and environmental sustainability. They develop innovative business based on the needs of the users at the Base of the pyramid while ensuring the business models designed are sensitive towards sustainable utilization of natural resources.
Zufi Deo
Bizgees enables refugees not only access to mainstream financial services,  but  have sought ways to help these entrepreneurs through alternative finance, e.g. crowdfunding, micro-finance, to generate interest-free support for their businesses. This allows them to develop or rediscover essential skills and to participate in their local economy.
Myrtha Vilbon
Glory Industries
Glory Industries mission is to improve the welfare of the Haitian Community. By building awareness to the necessity of personal hygiene, the company will improve health, and subsequently create a bigger market. Glory Industries is contributing to the development of the Haitian Economy and the reduction of unemployment rate along with the improvement of GDP. 

key note speakers

Emily Young is a Co-founder of the Okoa Project, and an MIT senior studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in Global Product Design. She leads the design of the attachment and manufacturing process as well as helps with general design decisions.

Khadija Hafiz has been working on developing a social enterprise called the BOHO Marketplace since September 2017. It is her belief that business and development go hand in hand - businesses that focus on contributing to human prosperity can have long term profits and positive impacts for humanity. Post-graduation she hopes to use her business experience and acumen to develop business models that help the most vulnerable populations.

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