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My name is Alonso Ramos,  the EPIC Honduras Coach.  At the age of fourteen I took my first steps in the development sphere thanks to Global Health Outreach and Rice Foundation while volunteering as a medical interpreter and logistics assistant in the communities of Tela and Copán. Years later, while working in the private sector I found myself asking “Is my work here being of service and actually improving others’ lives?” Sadly, the answer was a resounding no, but getting to the point where I could answer it with a –Yes – was what led me back to reawakening my passion in helping communities thrive and serving my fellow Hondurans.


Over the past few years, I have enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the administrative and operational side of development programs funded by international donors as well as the Honduran government. Additionally, I recently completed my master's in International Development, gaining further insights from development practitioners with diverse backgrounds, sharing how the challenges of reducing inequality and ending poverty are tackled in different contexts around the world. Both studies and practice have led me to the belief that the future for long-term development lies in bottom-up approaches envisioned by local social entrepreneurs. For this reason, I am thrilled to join EPIC and its team of deeply passionate individuals striving to improve Central Americans' lives.


I am convinced that EPIC is going to facilitate the process of discovering future social entrepreneurs that will transform Honduras. On top of that, EPIC’s training and mentorship will better equip post-secondary students with the right tools to generate ideas capable of bettering the livelihoods of over 4.8 million Hondurans living on less than US$5.50 per day and carry out crucial efforts towards SDG #1 of NO POVERTY. I am positive that a large number of communities will progress during this decade if grassroots development is strengthened, and new scalable social ventures supported by EPIC will serve as a medium to address the root causes currently holding back Honduran youth from investing in their country.