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What is the EPIC Lab?

The EPIC Lab is a free virtual bootcamp that teaches idea creation, R+D, market research, proof of concept, and strategic partnership fundamentals for aspiring social venture teams and founders that will help students facilitate social venture startup ideas and prepare interested student teams to submit their social venture concepts for End Poverty Innovation Challenge.  

You can expect...

  • An intimate passionate community of social entrepreneurship students from both undergraduate and graduate Colleges and Universities at the same stage

  • To learn from experienced Social Venture startup founders and Special Guest Speakers from the worlds of Finance, International Development, and Business.

  • Experimentation, iteration, and validation – Lean Startup methods and  imbed them into your social venture!


The EPIC Lab will teach you how to:

  • Develop a founder passion driven mindset needed to be a top-performing social entrepreneur  

  • Brainstorm a social venture idea which meets a compelling need that the poor have

  • Market research the heck out of it to make sure your idea meets real market needs 

  • Do a thorough customer development strategy and crisply articulate a customer persona 

  • Develop your proposed product or service to minimize costs and improve outcomes

  • Develop business intuition around common sales and market tools and: 

    • Sales cycle length

    • Unit economics 

    • Promising customer acquisition channels

  • Develop a set of excel spread sheets that can demonstrate your venture’s sustainability 

  • Design the proof of concept and road test it to affirm it has what it takes.

  • Developing a scaling strategy utilizing strategic partners and customers  

  • Create a great pitch using power point and video for prospective social impact investors, angels and others. 


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