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An End to Waste by Saahas Zero Waste

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

EPIC 2019 Finalist Saahas Zero Waste​'s mission is to create an impactful waste management solution that maximizes resource recovery. Their vision is to create a zero-waste world circular economy.


Saahas Zero Waste creates a socially and environmentally sustainable enterprise for those at the bottom of the pyramid. They divert 65000 KG of waste from landfills every day, reduce more than 37400 MT CO2e of greenhouse gas reduction every year, and employ 252 people from the lower socio-economic groups.

Saahas Zero Waste is centered around the principles of a circular economy and a global commitment to Sustainable Development Goals. India, where they are based, creates an unnecessary amount of waste that is not properly disposed of. The circular economy model strives to recover value from waste and to end waste in landfills.


Saahas Zero Waste's EPR Services

"Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is the commitment made by a producer to facilitate a reverse collection mechanism and recycling of end of life, post-consumer waste. The objective is to circle it back into the system to recover resources embedded in the waste."

Reverse Logistics SZW has a well-defined reverse supply chain that allows effective transportation of post-consumer waste to the authorized end destination.

Social Inclusion SZW has innovative social inclusion models where informal waste workers will be able to meet the costs of compliance through incentives against delivering results.

Public Awareness SZW conducts extensive awareness programs which include social media campaigns, corporate events, and collection drives.

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