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Fund A Village with Village Enterprise!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

As an End Poverty Innovation Challenge (EPIC) 2019 Finalist, Village Enterprise trusts in the entrepreneurial spirit to improve the livelihood of those at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Their business model equips those in rural Africa with the supplies to start sustainable businesses. Village Enterprise creates a strong social impact through innovation and entrepreneurship at the bottom of the pyramid by granting providing access so growth capital. These micro-franchisees and their families are provided with the means for better savings, healthier meals, and more profitable livelihoods.


Let's Break It Down!


To end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation.


A world free of extreme poverty where people have the economic means to sustain their families.



We serve people living in extreme poverty with respect, empathy, and dignity regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, or education level, and value our common humanity.


We believe passionately in our mission and the ability of people living in extreme poverty to improve their lives.


We operate with the highest levels of integrity and trustworthiness.


We are committed to assessing and evaluating our programs to ensure that they reduce poverty and create sustainable businesses.


We respect the ideas and opinions of others and insist upon transparency in both our internal and external communication.


We value innovation as a means to reduce poverty and treat new ideas, new technologies, and new partners as opportunities to grow our impact.


We are committed to ensuring that our businesses and our organization are sustainable in the long-term.


Village Enterprise's Graduation program is a locally-led, one-year, community-centered educational program to train young micro-franchisees to cultivate and grow their own business. Sustainability practices supplement their business training so that they can grow their business without damaging the earth's natural resources.


Donating to Village Enterprise will help create a sustainable business for those at the Bottom of the Pyramid in Africa. By developing these social ventures, entire communities can profit and grow!

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