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My name is Veronica Aswani, and I am the EPIC South Africa Coach. I carry over 25 years of experience in business development, Urban Smart farming, operations, project, and general management.

EPIC Challenge finalist, activist, social entrepreneur, Vice President of the African Association for Vertical Farming and Director of African Women in Agriculture.




Passionate about people development to allow full of one’s ability economically on capacity to ensure job creation and sustainability especially in Africa, building confidence with emphasis on efficiency, integrity and quality for the betterment of individual lives, families and economy as a whole.

With extensive experience in business development, ideation, business concept & model and application for Small Businesses, with emphasis on women focused programs and job creation at the base of the pyramid. 

I pride myself with being a great problem solving skills and having a chief collaborator-ability to pull in various people/organisations in delivering a solution for greater impact.


EPIC South Africa  is a great opportunity to create social ventures with young talent and minds in order to fight poverty as well as provide a better and brighter future to our communities.

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